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Category: Becoming a Ref

How to Become a Ref

Football referees are the officials that preside over the game and they are there to enforce the rules and regulations of the game.  They are also there to monitor the safety of the player, make sure there are no infractions and assess any penalties.  Refs also keep track of the time in the game.  If you are wondering how to become a ref, you are going to need the right qualifications and experience to get the job.

Here is how to become a ref

1. Have sufficient knowledge of the game: The game of football has a long list of rules and regulations, some will change depending on the league. You will need to these rules in order to officiate a game.

2. Obtain the right training: There are specific training courses that you will have to take, you may be able to register for them with your local league or a local school. Your job is not only to officiate the game but also to promote sportsmanship and maintain ethical standards.  Here is what it takes to be a FIFA ref.

3. Be mentally and physically fit: You don’t need to be in the same physical condition as one of the players but you will need to maintain a level of fitness. There is some running around and you need to be mentally fit as well. You need to keep a cool head at all times.

4. Get some experience: If you want to work in the professional leagues you’re going to have to start somewhere. You may want to start out refereeing high school or other kids games first. You will have to work your way up to the big leagues.

5. Get registered where applicable: No matter what league you end up refereeing for there will be a governing body that oversees everything including the referees. Registering with the appropriate agency demonstrates that you have the right credentials and you are ready to handle a game.

6. Get certified: Check with the local league or one of the practicing refs and ask them where they got their certifications. There are training clinics where you can take courses and become certified at the end.

These are some of the important steps that you will have to go through in order to become a referee of your favorite game. You should have a love of the game and extremely familiar with the game before you even look into the right training to become an actual referee.

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